Whisky Review – Teeling 15 year old Revival

Teeling 15 year old Revival

46% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£83.78 from Master of Malt


I’m a big fan of Teeling’s work. Every whiskey they have released has been tasty, fun and enjoyable stuff. I’ve been looking forward to their official 15 year old release for a while now and I’m finally lucky enough to give it a taste and a review. This release is limited to 10,000 bottles and is exclusively matured in ex-rum casks for the duration of the 15 years. 


On first sniff there is a sweet shop. Candy cigarettes. Candy floss. Crisp green Apples. Sugar in a hot pan quickly becoming caramelised. Fruit starts to come forward on subsequent sniffs, with a boiled sweet, Opel fruit juiciness. American hard gums even. Mixed tropical fruits, pineapple, orange and peach. Touches of toasted coconut in the background. With a little time in the glass the aromas get thicker, with some light oak and dunnage warehouse notes. Complex, sweet and mouthwatering. 


Sweet and assertive arrival, lots of sugars, and mixed fruits. The boiled sweets analogy really covers it, it’s like they are melted down and amplified in juiciness. A very definite essence of old fashioned cola cubes. The development continues into the sweeter elements and it becomes clear the rum influences are quite prominent, sweet, and luscious. With a little inhale of air some dusty aged oak comes through the fruit and brings a touch of sweet cinnamon spice. Almonds round off the development. A lovely varying, flavour evolving throughout the experience. 


A medium length finish. Fruity zinginess becomes more effervescent. With drier fruitiness and pencil shavings rounding off the experience. Quite dry in the finale. 

Adding water. 

A few drops added. The sweet shop themes on the nose are slightly intensified with the added drop of water. There is also a slight air of floral added to the mix. The palate has less of the natural oils found in the undiluted, but the fruits are more juicy and take more control throughout the development. The finish has less of the dryness originally encountered and more fruit juices, with less effervescence. This is one that benefits significantly with a drop of water. It’s bloody lovely. 


A beautifully sweet and fruity number. Thoroughly sip-able, and very enjoyable. This is an easy drinker and perfect as a spring/summer dram. This is possibly too easy a drinker for the price tag attached to it. But it’s limited nature means it won’t be around forever, and for the Teeling fan it is a must buy. For me the Teeling 15 Revival sits slightly below the Teeling 21 Silver Reserve in their range, which I absolutely adore. 

Many thanks to Teeling for the review sample

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