Whisky Review – Glendronach Cask Strength Batch 5

Glendronach Cask Strength Batch 5

55.3% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£51.50 from Master of Malt

Next up we have a favourite of mine. Glendronach cask strength has been a really strong contender as to why NAS doesn’t always mean NASty. This has been a great dram in the past and I’m once again looking to delve into its sherry monster pleasures. Here we go!


On first sniff we have quite a monster in the glass. Dusty chocolate and spicy toffee leads in front. Vanilla pods. High cocoa percentage chocolate covering thorntons special toffee. Touches of menthol cigarettes. There are some herb notes I can’t put a finger on yet. Going to let this sit a while. Things have got quite a bit nuttier now, with walnuts overtaking the spices. Dried fruit is starting to make a heavier appearance, and cloves integrate nicely to bring that familiar fruitcake nature of Glendronach. I would say this is slightly nuttier and more chocolatey than previous batches. There’s quite a bit of fruit ‘n’ nut bar going on in the glass. 


Fruitcake fruitcake fruitcake! That says it all really. The arrival comes straight at you with lots of dried fruit, rum and raisin, sultana, cherry stones. Development turns drier with the walnut and almonds coming in alongside the clove, cinnamon spices and lashings of brown sugar caramel. Some chocolate dusting is ever present throughout the experience. Mouthfeel is thick and enveloping. This is actually quite drinkable at full strength. Good, wholesome, characterful, delicious. 


The dried fruit becomes juicier in the medium-long length finish, with spicy elements continuing until the end. There is a slight oak tannin bitterness right at the very end, but the fruitiness makes this almost unnoticeable. 

Adding water. 

This can take a drop I think, so a drop or 4 it gets. The nose is nuttier now, with quite an intense coffee aroma added in. Espresso! The palate is more fruit concentrated, sweeter, with the spices more integrated. Real concentration on the cherries now, with that touch of menthol we get Tunes (a cold/throat sweet). The finish retains that fruity juiciness and with the dilution the heat turns to warmth and is very relaxing and fulfilling. Water makes this one go from great to frickin’ awesome. 


Gorgeous. A sherry monster as expected and delivers with no disappointment. Fantastic stuff, it won’t be around forever, so if you like your sherry monsters jump on this sooner rather than later. 

Many thanks to Glendronach for the review sample

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