Whisky Review – Wemyss “Barrista’s Dram” – Craigellachie 2002

Wemyss “Barrista’s Dram” – Craigellachie 2002

46% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

2002-2015 in a Butt (assumption of ex-sherry)

820 bottles

£51.67 available from Master of Malt



The first sniff gives a bag of mixed nuts, some spiced toffee and a little dusting chocolate. Time in the glass leads to a creamier experience. Runny honey. Caramel and chocolate. Caramelised orange slices. Quite a bit of quality street going on! As the name suggests, there is a touch of coffee going on in the background. 


Arrival is thick, with a very oily mouthfeel. Rich sweetness and nuts immediately, with clove and honey moving into the development which comes with thicker toffee notes, penny toffees, caramel. Some citric gooseberry. Iced coffee with a hazelnut syrup added!


Medium length and full of chocolate, toffee and all things sweet. Slight leftover coffee grounds with plenty of hazelnut dust added in. 

Adding water. 

A splash added. More coffee notes are now evident on the nose, intertwined with all the confectionary sweets previously experienced. The palate has a slight metallic bite and a lighter mouthfeel to the undiluted variant. The finish is lighter, has more of a milky coffee note running through and less nutty dryness. Personally I prefer this dram without a splash of water, but it’s worth the experiment. 


I haven’t had many independent bottling/single cask Craigellachie drams. This is pleasant, toffee rich stuff which would suit after dinner desert style dramming. 

Many thanks to Wemyss for the review sample