Whisky Review – Rock Oyster Cask Strength (Douglas Laing) @dlaingwhisky

Rock Oyster Cask Strength (Douglas Laing) 

57.4 %ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

Available soon

Read more on this release and order now from Douglas Laing directly

You can see my review for the original Rock Oyster here. I loved it and immediately bought a bottle. Let’s see how the cask strength version performs.


On first sniff there the wonderfully fresh, complex aromas of fresh apples, tarty lemon juice, salt heavy seaside air and a slight touch of peat fire smoke. It’s immediately on first pour a great thing. After letting it sit for a wee while creamy vanilla fudge notes come aboard, while the dominance is on the maritime notes. Some fresh fish and shell based treats pop in on the fishing boat just arriving into harbour. I don’t always go all subjective with the notes, but this is putting me right on a Cornish coastline fishing village front, reminding me of family holidays.


Creamy fudge, sweet and salty all at once, settling after a brief alcohol heat exchange, loads of fudge now, honey, some under-sweet crispy seaweed from the Chinese takeaway, a touch of salted caramel, light milk chocolate, light syrup over pancakes, a drip of lemon juice on the pancakes also. Mouthfeel is coating and lush. Further into the development we get some sea salt encrusted toffee. The more I sip the more dangerously moreish this is, must save a bit for a drop of water, though right now this doesn’t need it. 


Medium-long length, toffee, fudge and apple skin fades gently. With the sea air/light saltiness retaining for a good duration, remnants of Islay memories flood back, a gentle mossiness pops back and a forever feel good factor is warming on the chest. 

Adding water. 

Doesn’t need it. Small drop in the last little bit I have. The nose has more smoke bellowing out, with an added sugar sweetness depth. Still loads of fudge and some fruit. Oooo, that’s good. The palate has more immediate depth of flavours, the fudge is creamier and chewier and the the whole experience more rounded and accessible. The finish is slightly shorter, with more emphasis on smokey embers. It’s actually great with a drop of water. Damn. Should have added it sooner, but without water it’s so drinkable as well. Just dip it’s toe in water when you pour a glass. 


A relaxing, seaside reminiscing, beauty of a dram. One to whisk your mind away to windswept fishing towns. With a touch of water the experience is expanded significantly, and this goes from a great dram to an awesome one. Really great work here. Love it. 

Many thanks to Douglas Laing Ltd. for the review sample

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