Whisky Review – Benriach Cask Strength batch 1. @TheBenRiach

Benriach Cask Strength batch 1

57.2% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£51.95 from Master of Malt


Benriach’s sister company Glendronach have been releasing a cask strength for quite a while (currently on batch 5) and that one always brings a smile to my face. I’m hoping that the Benriach cask strength will do the same. Let’s pour and savour. 


On first pour there is a noticeable smoky element like burnt wood. A waxy nature, candles melting, and a background of cooked apples and honey. Quite a pungent and complex nose on first sniff. Further investigations and we get some waxy orange peel, buttery vanilla and a touch of hay. It is a thirst inducing nose for sure. 


Quickly sweet and then tarty citrus arrival. A lovely mouth coating texture. A touch of alcohol nip followed by waves of thick honey, vanilla infused apples, candied orange peel and sour lemon. With some waxiness amongst the juices of the fruit. Some sweet ginger and pepper cover the spicy element. A varying intensity of honey accompanies this experience throughout. 


Sweet honey and some nuttiness hands around for a medium-long length finish, with some additional warming spices and oak char in the finale. 

Adding water. 

A splash added. Hints get a lot fruitier and more interesting on the nose, there is an added dunnage quality, dusty warehouses, the vanillas are more intense as is the honey. The char is toned down. The waxiness is amped up as is the fruit, far more ripe and juicy. With a touch of added coconut milk. Lush. The palate has lost some of the tartiness and become softer, creamier, more integrated. The fruit, honey and vanilla go hand in hand and are very luscious. The finish fades slightly quicker, but is creamier as well and less drying. Water is essential. Exquisite. 


Bravo! A beautiful Benriach! Really shows off the distillery’s character, lots of honey rich fruits and incredibly thick and flavoursome. It’s a no brainer of a buy. This will provide so much joy for a great value price.

Many thanks to Benriach for the review sample

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