Whisky Review – Tobermory 1994 21 year old Single Malts of Scotland. @whiskyexchange

Tobermory 1994 21 year old Single Malts of Scotland

55.4% ABV

Cask #660881

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£89.95 from The Whisky Exchange



On first encounter with the vapour we have light, biscuit rich malt, some honey and gentle gingerbread spices. Some time in the glass and stewed orchard fruits come forward, bubbling and reducing into thick jams. Apple tart with a caramelised brown sugar and cinnamon crust. Danish pastries warm from the bakery. A deliciously sweet, decadent nose. 


Gentle and thick arrival, mouthfeel and delicious fruity spices are the first thing to encompass the senses. Stewed fruits, Apple, pear, orchard berries, thick and jammy. The ginger led spices are soft, yet has a great presence, the balance is awesome. Lots of honey backs this up, adds to the fruit and spices, beautifully integrated. Immensely sippable, moreish at full strength, this is a great pick of a cask. 


Long length, warming, delicately soothing. Spices lead the finish alongside the honey and fruit, gently and slowly fading, always remaining sweet and jam filled. Lovely lovely lovely. 

Adding water. 

Drops added and sat. (Though I didn’t want to its glorious without water). The nose gets a little younger, fruits become crispier and rejuvenated, gingerbread and malt taking the leads. The palate has also taken a younger, zingy turn, immensely fruity, juicy, with the sweetness of honey and spice influence stepping back. The finish is still warming, spicy and sweet honey rich. Personally I prefer this dram without water. 


This is a stunning whisky, beautifully balanced, thick with honey, fruit, sugar and spice, tasty all round. I love it, it really ticks all my boxes. Easy to spend hours over and easy to chill out with. This is an all rounder of a whisky, but be careful with water. 

Many thanks to Speciality Drinks for the review sample

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