Bruichladdich – Laddie Eight @bruichladdich

Bruichladdich – Laddie Eight
50% ABV
Non Chill Filtered
No Colouring
£44.99 from Travel Retail
On the first sniff we have an abundance of creamy maltiness. The malting room itself. With a light smoky whiff in the air. Stewed Apples and pears, with a touch of soft exotic fruits, yellow cantaloupe. Bird’s custard powder, vanilla heavy. Maritime notes, sea air back up the nasal experience. A little time in the glass and more oak char becomes evident, and the seaside notes increase. A little more time and more citrus and lemon fill the nose, this is an evolving nose, that demands some time to allow to breath and give its fullness. More sweet shop confectionary sugar as time goes by, with a hint of farmyard (in a very good way). My my, this is busy busy busy.
The arrival is sweet, then tart with the lemon juice hitting the palate and some heat from the alcohol, once subsided we get waves of toffee, syrup, honey enriched softer, sweeter lemons (lockets without the menthol), sweet creamy vanilla custard. Malty biscuit. The mouthfeel is sublime and coating, lovely natural oils as with all Bruichladdich’s expressions. An intense moreish sippability which has had me going back time and again.
The sweet custard and honey sticks around for a medium/long duration, slowly drying out with some of the oak cask char from the nose finalising the experience.
Adding Water.
A few drops added and time set aside. The nose is now bursting with fruit, lemon intense, sweet, juicy and uncompromising. The honey has become more floral.  The palate now has seamless arrival and delivery with the alcohol heat tonned down, allowing for more sweetness, fruit intensity, with the delicious creaminess only becoming more so. Mouthfeel is still thick, and you can slosh this around in the mouth forever.  The finish is creamy, touch of charred oak, longer, fruitier and all round delicious.
A beautiful Bruichladdich. 8 years old but feeling older in the experience.  Its a shame this isn’t a more readily available expression, but its one I will be seeking out next time Im airport bound, which fortunately isn’t far away.
Thanks to Bruichladdich and World Duty Free for the invitation to the Tweet Tasting. 

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