Port Charlotte 2007 CC:01 @bruichladdich

Port Charlotte 2007 CC:01
57.8% ABV
Non Chill Filtered
No Colouring
£67.99 from Travel Retail
Intense smoking seaside shacks, with a farmyard encrusted wheelbarrow full of wet seaweed smouldering away! Fruit is present int he form of scalded and burnt black skinned mango, dried fruits, some sultana all overcooked and crispy, in a very very excellent way. The fruitcake is burnt and I bloody love it! With a little more time we get more burnt things, a touch of baby back ribs complete with BBQ glaze, farm notes rise as do the seaside notes.  Another whisky that evolves in the glass very successfully and needs time to enjoy to the max.  A big dram and time is all you need.
Intensely sweet arrival, the rum casks being very evident, a blast (but not too hot) of alcohol heat quickly subsides and then the fun begins.  Wave after wave of mossy, earthy peat smoke, BBQ, Charred fruit and burnt end kebabs on a beach.  The mouthfeel, again oily, rich and coating. Some pepper and chilli spices coat the fruit and meat, a touch of salted caramel, and even hints of cocoa.
The charred fruit, accompanied by oak, seaside air, more meat and associated sauces last a small eternity (thats a long length finish), so slowly levelling out, into a heartwarming glow of a chest hug.  Bloody lovely stuff.
Adding Water.
A few drops added and a little waiting time. The nose has got a lot sweeter, and burnt treacle toffee rich. The palate, with the toned down alcohol has a lovely additional depth of sweetness, with the meatiness, still present, but lessened, and that gives a lot more maritime, brown sugar encrusted joy around the whole development.  The finish is super long, sweet, smoky, meaty, caramelised, bloody, bloody, bloody lovely.  This is fantastic, flavoursome, fricking beautiful whisky.  Love it.
I love it….Thats it, its bloody gorgeous stuff, everything PC is about, and I want it…I guess the I need to save for more than the trip when it comes to the next airport visit!!!
Thanks to Bruichladdich and World Duty Free for the invitation to the Tweet Tasting. 

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