Whisky Review – Linkwood 1991 24 year old Single Malts of Scotland. @whiskyexchange

Linkwood 1991 24 year old Single Malts of Scotland

53.8% ABV

Cask #586497

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£99.95 from The Whisky Exchange



On first pour there is dusty warehouse, strong spices (ginger and cardamon), some toffee and chocolate. A little time to sit and more chocolate and gentle fruitiness comes forward, some lemon and lime citrus, a touch of fresh mint invoking thoughts of classy mojitos. The sweeter elements become thicker and caramelised. Touches of marmalade come through later. 


Sweet and sour citrus arrival, oranges, lemons and lime. Quickly becoming sweeter and toffee infused. Waves of white chocolate, caramel, gentle ginger, fruit juices. Very chewy with a nice coating mouthfeel. Zingy in nature, the whisky has a lot of complexity, variation and life in it, certainly not overrun by any oak influence. 


Warming, full of sweet honey, and spicy ginger. A long length finish, with some zingy citrus and reduced Apple and lime juices. Spices are the last to fade, ginger amongst silky chocolate. 

Adding water. 

After a few drops have been added and sat for a while, the nose has become more fruit led, slightly sweeter, like a coating of powdered sugar has been added, giving some sweet shop presence. The palate reflects this, with some fruity boiled sweets taking the lead, spices toned down, better integration and balance. The finish is warmer, gentler and the spices and honey are beautifully tasty. This dram benefits well with a drop of water or two. 


A beautiful Linkwood, which when watered, has a great balance and gives a severely tasty experience. Sweet and fruity all round and would make a great summer dram to drink as the warm day turns to night. 

Many thanks to Speciality Drinks for the review sample

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