Whisky Review – Glendronach 1995 19 year old Single Malts of Scotland. @whiskyexchange @glendronach

Glendronach 1995 19 year old Single Malts of Scotland

55.4% ABV

Cask #4028

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£110.00 from The Whisky Exchange

I have just read with great interest that the Benriach family (Benriach, Glendronach & Glenglassaugh) of distilleries have been bought by Brown-Forman Corp (owners of Jack Daniels and Woodford Reserve among others). Glendronach is one of my favourite distilleries. I hope nothing changes. 

On with the show. 


First pour and a sweet pastry bakery is blowing its wares in your face! Almond frangipane, dark dried fruit filled strudel, black cherry compote coated Black Forest gateau. Juicy blackberry jam. This is crazy complex concentrated luxury cake goodness. Wow, that is good, I feel inebriated from the nose itself, and I can’t help but sniff this long and deep! Taking my nose away for a while and letting it have a chance to breath! It’s settled down a little and alongside all of the above we now have some more honey crusted notes, brown sugar, some light almond nuttiness within the honey. But the big fruit aromas are the winners and it’s fantastic. I haven’t had a single cask Glendronach for a little while and it’s all coming back why I love the hell out of it. 


Big, big, juicy, dark fruit brimming arrival, lots of rum and raisin, cherries plump and ripe, fruitcake galore, sherry rich plums, chocolate melted over it all. FANTastic! That was the first sip. Must try to concentrate and not just get overwhelmed by it all. Ok, arrival as above, big, loads of fruit and loveliness. Development goes into dark forest gateau territories, lots of fruit again, chocolate again, but more about the juicy cherry sauce and ripe cherry, with chocolate, and a touch of bitter coffee.


After the massive palate on this the finish weakens things a little. It’s medium length, lots of dusty cocoa and a bit of coffee, OK, mocha, with a touch of light fruit, and a little effervescence cola type thing going on, the aftermath of a cola cube sweet maybe. It’s only a slight let down because that palate is so big and scrumptious, but I can sip again!

Adding water. 

A few drops added and time to settle. The nose is more chocolatey, more rum, more honey, now honeycomb. It’s like a boozey crunchie bar. Lush. The palate is thick with chocolate and fruit and yum and ahhhh, and yes! If it was a 9 without water it’s an 11 with! The finish……is 5 times better diluted, the fruit lasts and is thick with jamminess for a now LONG length finish, lots of fruit, chocolate, sweet coffee. Delicious is an understatement. This needs a drop of water to go from superb to out-frickin-standing. 


This is a bloody lovely single cask Glendronach. If you like your sherry monsters, look no further, this is it in droves! Bold flavours, massive experience, big big smile ridden stuff. Love it. 

Many thanks to Speciality Drinks for the review sample

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