Whisky Review – Ardmore Triple Wood @focuspr

Ardmore Triple Wood

46% ABV

Non chill filtered

~£40 from Travel Retail 


On first sniff we have a very sugar sweet honey field of heather (intentional way around!). Mossy damp earth, and a touch of peat smouldering in the background. There are some fruitier elements coming forward in time. Crisp apple, grape juice, red current and blackberries. All freshly picked. Vibrant and reminiscent if a summer fruit basket. 


Beautifully sweet and fruity arrival, lots of fresh fruit as per the nose, berry rich, fresh fruit salad intensity. Apples, blackberries, rhubarb, red berries. Really juicy and lovely tasting making this exceptionally moreish. Some light pepper, and sweet cinnamon. Lots of honey run hand in hand with the fruit, but compliments rather than battles it. The smoke isn’t so evident on the palate, but there is a touch of dirty earth notes floating around in the development. The fruit is dominant throughout the experience though. 


Fresh fruit and honey fades, and some of the earthy moss returns during the medium-long length finish. 

Adding water. 

A few drops and a little time. The nose is sweeter, more powdered sugar and floral notes are evident and forefront. The palate has more confectionary sweetness, still fruitier, but everything is coated in sugar rather than complimented with honey syrup, the smoke is still about, and a little more smokey, less earthy. The finish is more about the peat now, quite dirty. It’s a swings and roundabouts as to if you would like water more with this or not, I personally prefer the fruity bursts, so I wouldn’t water this one myself. 


This is an absolute fruit monster of a dram. Very summery, very delicious. I’m surprised! It tastes beyond its age (assuming it’s young due to NAS nature). So much fruit, fresh and active and very delicious. I will be searching this out on my next travels. 

Many thanks to Ardmore for the review sample