Whisky Review – Port Askaig 100° Proof. @whiskyexchange @portaskaigmalt

Port Askaig 100° Proof

57.1% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£44.95 from The Whisky Exchange


On first sniff there is quite a pungent, smoke intense, spirit led fire in my nostrils! Pulling back a little and we have lots of floral, heather, herbal going on. Some green grass, green pine, very green basically, with a background of roaring peat fires and boggy moss pits. A little time and things get oilier, literally, machine oil, engine oil, a whiff if diesel. All dirty mechanical stuff. With a backing of some bramble berries. Lovely! A little more time and things get dirtier, earthier, this is Islay. 


Big flavours from the offset. Arrival is sweet, earthy, lots of peat, then a bite of alcohol hits and runs. The development has layers of fruit, bramble berry jams, cooking apple, some tart lemon. Then we get more sugar led sweetness, sugar mice, earthiness returns and some herbal liquorice root with it. Sweet pepper spices runs throughout. The mouthfeel is very oily and gets everywhere nicely. Lovely thick spirit, lots and lots of smoke of course all the time, a roaring smokey, green stuff fed (fresh cut fern tree burning) flames. An immense experience, lots of complexity and more reasons to go back than the liquid in the glass allows! More liquid needed! 


Lots of smoke remains for a long finish. Cigar smoke, bonfire smoke all right in the back of the throat and coming out of the nose, extreme stuff. The greener flavours come back at the end, a touch of drying pine and green leaves, heather. 

Adding water. 

A few drops added, though this is awesome undiluted. The nose now has a serious bonfire going on, breathtaking, it’s all about the smoke, with the fruit and herbal notes going to the back. The palate has added creaminess, and actually feels oilier on the tongue. It’s still immensely dirty, oily (rag) stuff, a touch more liquorice, less root and more of the sweetie variety. The finish is long, sweeter, with a touch of cough candy sweets, lots of liquorice and lush. Water does do this dram good. 


The whole experience of this whisky is quite remarkable, it’s like travelling from one side of a country lush field to the other with a massive roaring inferno right in the center. A great journey to take, from sniff, sip and extinguish. This is Islay. It’s brilliant! If you like your smokey whisky young, vibrant and full of that smokey goodness, this is one for you! 

Many thanks to Speciality Drinks for the review sample