Whisky Review – Laphroaig Select 

Laphroaig Select

40% ABV

£34.00 from Master of Malt


On first pour we have a spot of confusion. I’m wondering if my sample has got ‘old’. It’s not very smoky. There’s a little smoke, but there’s a lot of fruit, mostly grape and some citrus, and some odd wood funkiness, a little cardboard. A little time and it reminds me more of the kiln at Laphroaig, some smokey creamy barley, some pepper, some berries, something still a little odd. Confused. Light. It feels like the whisky in my glass wants to be bigger, brasher, harder, but being held back by its own size. It’s easy enough to sniff, it’s almost mentholated as I seem to be able to breath easier. Not what I would have expected. 


Light, a touch watery on the mouthfeel. Arrival is dry, heated, some smoke, peat, then turns sweet, with some green mossy earth, a touch of dried fruits, apple crisps, a little dried lemon peel, that’s about it. 


Short. A little dry dirty peat smoke then just like Keyser Soze, poof, it’s gone. It actually leaves a little of the cardboard funkiness behind leading me to go to the water. 

Adding water. 

A small drop of water added, for fear of murdering what is there. The nose is weakened, it’s also a little less funky, just a mellow light smoke and a touch of fruit now. The palate is more watery, obviously, smoke, some added honey softness, still got an odd thing going on, damp cardboard, then nothing. Finish, shorter, more transparent. 


Laphroaig lite. Might be worth using as an introduction to someone who isn’t used to peaty whisky, but then again it’s not a good introduction, as even as a ‘lite’ variant I don’t find it anything reminiscent of the great things that Laphroaig can be. Sorry. If any fellow bloggers out there thinks my sample maybe borked please shout out. 

Many thanks to Laphroaig for the review sample. 

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