Whisky Review – Aberlour 16 year old. Single cask TWE Exclusive. @whiskyexchange

Aberlour 16 year old. Single cask TWE Exclusive
53.5% ABV

Cask #4738

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£99.95 from The Whisky Exchange


First sniff. Lots of rich orange oils, boiled oranges, big time sherry notes. Clove, Christmas cake. Each sniff gets bigger and bigger in aromas in a short period of time. Going to let it sit for a bit with a cover. Oooooo. 15 mins or so later. Massive sherry bombastic. Sweet and nutty. There’s almost an Armagnac feel to it. Lots of rich dark dried fruit. Sultanas. Raisins. Oranges, now with added peel. Lots of cake and Christmas spices. Almond rich marzipan. Thick honey. It’s heavenly. Where A’bunadh is In your face sherry massive, this dram is more mellowed, still huge, but calmer, deeper in its aroma.


Thick, sweet then bittersweet, then back to thick sweet! Loads of dark fruitcake inspired fruit, cinnamon, cloves, lots of chocolate and honeycomb, it goes on and on and on. Slightly mentholated, cough sweets, a touch of sweet liquorice. A small sip of this goes a very long way. The mouthfeel is oily, costing, very fulfilling. It’s bloody fantastic. I’m a big fan of A’bunadh, this is notched up greatly. Immensely approachable at cask strength, extremely intense, a smile generator of some magnificence. 


Long, lots of sherried fruitcake intensity, chocolate melted and mixed with honey and orange juice. Chest warming and with a high level feel good factor. 

Adding water. 

I don’t want to add too much as I’m loving this at cask strength. If anything the nose has an added intensity. More concentrated on the spices and an added nuttiness. There is also a little extra dusty warehouse about it. The palate continues to be a delicious event, slightly smoothed out with the minimal dilution. The finish is slightly drier, and I would probably prefer the undiluted finish and overall experience. It’s one to add only the very slightest of water if at all. 


Delicious. A’bunadh cranked up in quality by 100%. This dram has all the sherry monster intensity with added refinement that age has given it. Tremendous cask selection, absolutely no hint of any kind of sulphur. Just plain magnificent. Love it. Now, price wise there is a touch of a dilemma as you could have two bottles of A’bunadh for the price of one of these….My logic says A’bunadh, but the heart and soul, plus the sheer experience means this is quite a must. These single casks don’t come around very often.

Many thanks to Speciality Drinks for the review sample