Whisky Review – The Epicurean (Douglas Laing) @dlaingwhisky

 The Epicurean (Douglas Laing)

46.% ABV

Non Chill Filtered

No added colouring (clearly – the colour is extremely light)

£34.30 from Master of Malt

This is the latest exciting Malted blend release from the Douglas Laing camp. Following in the footsteps of Big Peat (Islay), Scallywag (Speyside) and Timorous Beastie (Highlands) & Rock Oyster, comes The Epicurean a malt blend of whiskies from the Lowlands of Scotland.  


First sniff from the pour is quite spirit driven. Some tarty citrus fruits, mainly lime and grapefruit peel. There are some pleasant gristy cereal notes and a light dusting of vanilla and cinnamon. Young and robust from the initial nosing, will let it sit a while. Returning to the glass, crisp juicy apples and quite a clean malt now, with hints of dew coated grass blades. Cinnamon a plenty and a bakery note, with a spot of sweet ginger. 


Quite a dry, thick arrival, with an oily mouthfeel. Spices hit in the development, some hot ginger and a touch of chilli. Then a sweetness comes through, barley sugar intense, accompanying the mouthfeel nicely, very syrupy, warming, and satisfying in a desert way. Light mixed fruits, peaches, apricot, a touch of poached pear. Nice. 


Short to medium in duration, the syrup sweetness slowly fades and the ginger returns, with a dry, but very pleasant edge. 

Adding water.

A splash added. The nose has become more herbal, notes of dry liquorice root and crystallised ginger are prominent. The palate, now lighter on the mouthfeel has a slightly bitter arrival, with a more vegetal, herbaceous experience. The sweetness comes back in the development, but without the thick mouthfeel it feels more sugary, and less luxurious. The finish is shorter and sweeter, with a drier ending. I prefer this dram without water. 


Another great malt blend from Douglas Laing. Personally not my favourite of the collection, but undiluted it does have a nice tasty, moreish palate, with I really like. It also works great in a cocktail with ginger ale and a couple dashes of bitters. 

Thanks to Douglas Laing Co. for the review sample. 

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