Whisky Review – Jameson Caskmates (Stout finish). @jameson_uk

Jameson Caskmates (Stout finish)

40% ABV

£25.95 from The Whisky Exchange


Grain and creamy richness on first sniff. Copper pennies. Devon vanilla custard. Treacle toffee thick sweetness. A light liquorice. A touch of melted dark chocolate. There’s faint background whiffs of freshly ground coffee beans. The dram as a whole smells that little bit darker, more complex than the original. A little bit of time in the glass and the darker chocolate malt and coffee notes become more apparent. 


A very sweet, brown sugar, Creme brûlée rich arrival, some ginger comes through in the development, lots of chocolate, malted cereal and coffee from the nose, some burnt caramel, and more in depth dark creaminess in the development taking the form of rich fudge. There’s quite an oily mouthfeel throughout. Very nice. 


Short to medium in duration there is a slight letdown in that there is a metallic bitterness, but this goes side by side with some lovely creamy toffee. It’s goes down very smoothly and is easy to sip regardless. 

Adding water. 

Tiny drop added. The nose is becoming creamier and fudge focused, the chocolate gets heavier, it’s actually making me hunger for a finger of fudge. The palate reflects the creamier edges found on the nose and is delightfully sweet and moreish. The finish has lost the bitterness from the undiluted. It’s actually rather bloody lovely. Ok, this one wins with water. 


Great value for money, it’s only a few quid more than the classic, and the quality is far superior. With a touch of water this whiskey really shines though, it’s a lovely, easy drinking, creamy, gorgeous thing. 

Final thoughts. (Original vs Crested vs Caskmates)

This is the last of the trilogy for Jameson for now. I’m sure there will be more to come in the near future with the relaunch of their core range, there’s a lot of interesting stuff coming out. Out of the three I’ve reviewed I prefer the Caskmates overall. It’s got some really good value for money, and one I will be buying again. 

I bought this. 

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