Whisky Review – Jameson Crested. @jameson_uk

Jameson Crested

40% ABV

£26.88 from Master of Malt


On the first sniff this comes across quite young and spirited. Reminds me a lot of single grain whisky. But with some time to settle we get more creaminess. A touch of foam banana sweeties. Lots of sweet grain. Light runny honey. Some sweet ginger and a touch of clove. Lemon juice and peel with a little oak dustiness. It’s a light, very pleasant summery sniffer. 


Sweet, chewy arrival, with some spicy bite. Lots of honey, pepper, ginger. A touch of sweet citrus and some sugar rich fruit bonbon sweets. There’s a little oiliness to the mouthfeel which makes things stretch a long way on the palate, a touch of dry spices at the back of the mouth, all together quite tasty and easy sipping.


Spicy ginger and light honey hangs around for a short-medium duration. The mouth drying spices being the last to fade. 

Adding water. 

Added the smallest drop. The nose becomes slightly more spirity and looses some of the complexity, having a more of a powdered sugar dominance now. The palate looses a lot of intensity and becomes quite watery, the development still goes places, but the oils that once were are lost. The finish is a little sweeter, more corn and less oomph. Don’t water this one, it looses more than it gains. 


This is a good session whiskey. It won’t blow your world away, but as a starter dram for a tasting it’s a great palate awakener, and that’s what I would use this whiskey for and will continue to do so until the bottle runs dry. This dram has added complexity and smoothness over the regular Jameson release. 

I bought this. 

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