Whisky Review – Jameson. @jameson_uk


40% ABV

£20.72 from Master of Malt


Lots of fruit and a little spice. A touch of metallic copper. Lots of dried apricot, some bitter orange skin. Light vanilla essence. Light pepper. Some creamy cereal. The youth comes across in that citrus bitterness on the nose. Nose feel has a slight prickle to the sinus. 


The arrival is sweet and slowly building. Lots of fruit, fresh apricot, dried stoned fruits, some cherry, peach and nectarine, light cinnamon spices. It’s very bright, summery and easy to sip. Later in the development though there is a little bitterness and harshness from the youth, but it’s doesn’t detract a great deal to the overall experience. 


Short, nectarine flesh and a touch of sweet pepper dust fades quite quickly. Pleasant, nothing bowled over or blown away. 

Adding water. 

Think it will kill it but try anyway! The nose seems a little spicier and more metallic now. The palate is less intensive on the arrival, and the fruits are a little bit toned down but there is a little bit of extra creamy custard chewiness. The finish is weak. Probably not one to have with water in all fairness. 


This is a nice entry level Irish whiskey, it’s perfectly good at its intentions and that’s more for long drinks and cocktails. It’s not a massive sipping whisky for me, but saying that it’s an easier sipper for the summer than some heavily sherried drams would be. I think the Jameson Crested (reviewed here) is a lot smoother and more of a sipper for summer for very little extra in the cost department. 

I bought this. 

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