Whisky Review – Glen Moray Sherry Cask Finish @GlenMorayDist

Glen Moray Sherry Cask Finish

40% ABV

£22.00 from Sainsbury

Glen Moray is on my short list of favourite distilleries. Their staff are passionate, personable, helpful, open and fun! I always have a great time with Iain and Emma on the stands at all the shows they are at. While I’ve yet to visit the distillery, it is at the top of my list when I get to Speyside. The distillery has only known 5 managers in its lifetime, the current manager, Graham Coull also seems a great, open and approachable guy. I’ve yet to meet him, but had a few discussions on Twitter, always frank and fun. 

The people of the distillery aside, the whisky is pretty damn good as well! More importantly affordable. I don’t want to say cheap, because it degrades what is a eat range of products. It’s excellent value for money. The classic (bourbon cask matured) is the entry to their range. Non-age statement, and so I’m told without colouring (although I would love to see this declaration on the packaging). In addition to the classic there is the peated, port cask (bloody excellent), 10 year old Chardonnay (also bloody brilliant), 12 year old, 16 year old (bloody amazing!) and 25 year old vintage port cask finish (bloody fantastic)!

This new addition is a Sherry Cask finish to join at the same price areas as the classic, peated and port cask finish, retailing around £22 and available on line and in Sainsbury. 


On first nosing from the pour we get a nutty rich, citrus fruit and honey led experience. A scattering of soaked raisin and fruitcake becoming more prominent in time. Some clove spice and a background of vanilla sponge cake.

A lovely nose not too overtaken by the sherry finish, but complimented by the additional maturation. A little time and I sense some Jamaican rum infused ginger cake alongside the, now boozey Victoria sponge. 


A nutty dry walnut skin arrival, quickly morphs into ginger laden fruit cake, with a thick buttercream topping. A dusting of crushed hazelnuts and a sprinkle of chocolate shavings. 


Short to medium in length, fruit and drying nuttiness subside leaving some chocolate sauce, which fades into chopped hazelnuts. 

Adding water. 

Doesn’t need it. Drop added for experimentation. The water has weakened the whole experience and concentrated things around the nutty elements. This is not one to water. Enjoy it immensely neat. 


Another great addition to the Glen Moray base. The sherry finish enhances the classic into the field of sherry mini monster, though doesn’t overpower the lovely classic style too much. For me the Port Finish is still the winner of the set, but this comes a very close second place. Highly recommended. £22 is a flipping bargain. 

Many thanks to Glen Moray for the review sample.