Whisky Review – Enlightenment. Compass Box. @compassbox

Enlightenment. Compass Box

46% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£59.45 from Master of Malt 

Enlightenment. We’d all like a bit of that in our daily lives I’m sure. Well, there are only 5,922 bottles worldwide! So buy sooner than later if you like what you read below! 

Compass Box produce great blends, it’s as simple as that. This one is a blended malt whisky made up of Clynelish, Glentauchers, Balblair and Mortlach. The percentages can be seen below. I would have loved to have known the ages, but alas the antiquated and quite frankly stupid EU and UK laws prevent it. 


First sniff and there is a rich, juicy orange and citrus led nose. A touch of oak char. Very light pepper and cinnamon. A slight meaty background note with a suggestion of nuts. Letting it sit for a bit. A little time sat and some lovely spices come forward. Pepper, ginger, and some waxy lemon rind. There is some powerful floral elements amongst the fruit. Honeysuckle. Orchard fruits of Apple and pear come forward now, fresh and crisp. A touch of high cream content vanilla pod infused custard, drenched over that fruit. Lovely stuff. Very summery. More time and some vanilla sponge cake essence comes into the mix. 


Fresh citrus arrival of sweetened orange and lemon juices, a nice coating and waxy mouthfeel. It’s very yummy, and three sips in I’m still reeling over the experience rather than deconstructing it. Vanilla comes in waves surrounded by some light pepper and sweet ginger spice integrated into splashes of orchard fruit cocktail. Honey, syrup soaked fruit pieces with lots of juice. This is loud, lush, fresh and vibrant. It forced your eyes closed and a smile to form. It’s that nice. Fresh fruit intense.


Medium to long in length, a gentle, slow fruit demise, leaving a waxy dry mouth and some lemon peel and zest sticking around for a very long time. 

Adding water. 

Only a couple drops added to not much liquid left (it’s a compulsory sipper). The nose has a spicier and more floral edge now, still fruity, but dusted in pepper and flower petals. The palate reflects this also with some more acidic citrus fruit. The waxiness is slightly toned down in the palate, but increased on the finish. Personally I prefer this without water, but I would recommend trying both to experience the variation. 


This is really hitting my spot, as it did when I got to try it at Bristol Whisky Festival, and off the experience gained there I immediately bought a bottle when it was available. It’s high in the fruit factor. It’s all American oak, so nothing in the way of sherry richness, this is fruit juices on overload and it works really well. The Clynelish is the concentration, and I bloody love it.

Many thanks to Compass Box for the review sample. 

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