Armagnac Review – Comte De Lauvia Extra 15 year old Armagnac 

Comte De Lauvia Extra 15 year old Armagnac 

40% ABV

£48.27 from Master of Malt (sold out, but drink by the dram still available)

Day 7 of my Armagnac Advent Calendar. Loving this!

Read more on the Armagnac Advent Calendar and other Calendars (still available with time to catch up!) here.


Rich rum and raisin on first pour. Marzipan intensity overwhelming the breath in a great way. Lots of juicy dark fruits, some overripe strawberry and a little hay. Almost a farm like backnote, very countrified and organic. Some rich mahogany, old wood also backing things up. Lovely. If this were whisky you would swear it’s older than 15 years. 


Thick fruits, grape, raisin, strawberry, blackberry, all mushed ready for boiling down into jam. Some dark sugars and molasses. Gently warming and oily on the palate. Very chewy, some fruit laden toffee and gentle pepper spice. Quite delicious indeed. 


Warming, spicy ginger back note alongside a touch of pencil shavings, and a whole lot of fruit. 


Lovely stuff, Armagnac continues to amaze and be exceedingly drinkable stuff. Sad I didn’t try this before it was sold out, but I’m sure I’ll find a bottle somewhere. 

Thanks to Drinks by the Dram for the awesome advent calendar. I am going to blissfully enjoy the new Armagnac Adventures. 

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