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Loch Lomond Single Grain

46% ABV

Non chill filtered (confirmed by Master Blender)
£31.32 From Master of Malt (Old design)

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The Loch Lomond Single Grain, is Loch Lomond distillery’s latest re-release (same liquid as previous release but with rather fetching new bottle/tube) after the relaunch of the Inchmurrin range last year. This single grain is made from a malted barley mash, so why isn’t it single malt? Well, it’s distilled through a continuous Coffey still, as it’s not in a pot still it cannot be labelled as a single malt as far as Scotch Whisky Association regulations are concerned.  

I got to try this whisky at Dramboree this year when we had a rather stunning tour/day of activities at the distillery. I thoroughly enjoyed it then. Let’s taste and find out if my memory serves true. 


First sniff from the pour has a fresh pineapple juice intensity. Vanilla ice cream, some pepper & Ginger develop in time, but the fresh juicy tropical fruit is foremost. Some underripe banana, crisp green apple, sugar syrup follow in time. The ginger notes become more ginger snap confectionary like. Some remembrance of tutti fruity chewing gum is now present. A custard rich vanilla is present, but more in the background. This isn’t a single grain the likes of which I have had before. Tasted blind this would be very difficult to identify as grain. The nose is reminding me of some Irish single malts I have had in the past. An additional waxy lemon note comes forward given more time. 


There is an immediately thick, velvety mouthfeel to the first sip which leads me to believe this is non chill filtered though this is not mentioned anywhere as of yet. The oiliness really makes this a pleasure to sip, I’ve had a few and haven’t even started deconstructing yet! Ok, creamy, fresh vanilla up front, custard viscosity. Citrus juices with a waxy mouth coating. Lemons, limes, a touch of orange and pineapple. It’s a beautiful fruit salad all throughout the development. There’s a hint of ginger, some cardamom, vanilla pod & creamy Devon custard. Delicious. Immensely sippable. 


Custard rich with some of the fruit juices floating their way through a medium length sweet finish, with a touch of waxy dryness at the very end. 

Adding water. 

Some drops added to half a dram (although it is easy to drink without dilution). The fruitiness has become drier on the nose, more waxy, a little less juicy, with some added confectionary dusting sugar. Pineapple cubes are the best way to describe the nose now, with some waxy lemon pith! The palate diluted has a slightly lessened texture, but is still quite oily. The fruits are amplified quite significantly, very juicy tarty lemons, sweetened, almost sherbert lemons with a creamier filling that sour sherbert. Custard lemons?! Lemon curd even! It’s beautiful anyway! The finish retains this custard lemon feel, slowly fading, creamy, waxy delightful texture. Lovely stuff. I’m surprised, but a few drops of water enlightens this dram. 


This is a superb session whisky. Easy drinking deliciousness. I think it would be very difficult to identify as a single grain in any blind taste test. Complex without overdoing it, the experience is well balanced, very tasty & moreish. The palate has a lovely quality oiliness to it which enhances the great flavours. I would very happily sit and drink this all night long. Purchase is essential for me!

Many thanks to Loch Lomond for the review sample