Whisky Review – Timorous Beastie 40 year old @DLaingWhisky @remarkablemalts #TimorousBeastie40

Timorous Beastie 40 year old

54.7% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£199.95 from Master of Malt

A 40 year old whisky for £199.95 retail is an exceptionally rare thing nowadays. Timorous beastie is a highland blended malt, normally without age statement it is a nice tasty, easy going dram. This limited (to 1,080 bottles) release presented at cask strength is promising to be something of a special experience. Let’s sip and find out. 


A natural tree sap amber syrupy hue, as if nectar running directly from the oak itself. Glass coating and hanging on for dear life. This is already looking to be an oily and exquisite sip. 


On first pour we have an obvious rich aged oak, with tropical fruit jam intensity. Pineapple, grilled and crushed. Overripe banana. Juicy stewed cooking apples. After a little time the oak sits gently in the background. Freshly varnished. The fruit jam becomes more intense and pronounced. There is a little cinnamon dusting, sweet pepper and a hint of spearmint. This still has a good punch and freshness on the nose despite its long life, which is a great thing. After a little more time the aroma becomes sweeter, like a pour of runny honey over the exotic fruit salad, and a touch of heat added to caramelise the dish. More time only gives this dram added depths. There’s a well refined waxiness to the fruit, and a perfect aromatic balance between oak and juice. Well deserved of it’s own fragrance. L’odeur du Beastie. 


Takes your mind away, a little too far. Difficult to write. Sweet and sour arrival. Lots of oak and tarty citrus. A gentle slap of tasty oak embers. Things evolve quickly and we get lots of tropical fruit punch, fruit salad chewy sweets, the chewiness runs through into the mouthfeel which is coating and viscous. The oiliness brings a sweet cinnamon frosted bun and added tinned pineapple and mandarin juices to the experience. Lots of honey and toasted sugar continue through the development. The flavours change, the order slightly different, the richness of the fruit varying, it’s an amazing dram, that gives each new sip new rewards. 


Long, gentle, sweet and spicy Cinnabon continues alongside some creamy vanilla custard, pineapple and mandarin flesh still cling fresh for a good while. The gentle chest hugging warmth remains true and feels so good. 

A feisty and voluptuous dram, enrobed with matured decadence and thoroughly delicious. Need more. 

Adding water. 

I’m not. I’m enjoying it too much. Sorry. (Plus – I ran out!) 


Nectar of the Gods. This dram is swishable and chewable around the mouthparts, the flavours transporting you to the lush highlands filling your being with relaxation and joy. It’s truly gorgeous. Perfect for ending a hard day with. There aren’t going to be many 40 year old whiskies available at such an affordable price. 

Many thanks to Douglas Laing for the competition win review sample