Whisky Review – Wemyss “Nuts about Pears” – Blair Athol 1991 @wemyssmalts

Wemyss “Nuts about Pears” – Blair Athol 1991

46% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

312 bottles

£116.91 available from Master of Malt


On first pour there is a burst of apples, ripe, fell from the tree. After just a few moments the pear richness referred to in its name comes into nose range. Pear cider or perry, fizzy and overflowing. In fact right now there isn’t a lot else, it’s dominating the nose, but that’s not a bad thing, it’s delicious. A little more time in the glass and some oak comes through, freshly shaven pencils. A little more time and we get sweet lemon oil coming through. There is an element of nuts in the very background, very subtle, almost macadamia, creamy. 


A nice, sweet and thick honey arrival with a touch of lemon juice. Development is slow and steady, this is where the nuts are at, lots of them, drying walnuts and roast hazelnuts. Hints of ginger and cinnamon join in with lots of pear jam and a touch of sultana. 


A lot of tingling spicy fruit hangs around for a medium length finish, with some apple and pear chutney and drying nuttiness. 

Adding water. 

Small drop. Not much as this is on the older side. The perry has become flat, but juicier, its more pear juice now on the nose with the nuttiness making itself more apparent, some creamy custard coming in also, it’s a peat tart with crushed walnut topping and custard. Nice. The palate has lost some of its zingier spiciness and this has been replaced with richer fruit and added intensity all round. Much creamier, very tasty indeed. A little less prominent in the finish, which gently fades the fruit away with less of the hit of spices. This benefits a great deal with a small touch of water. 


A solid older whisky, requiring a little time and a touch of water to get its better side out with some air. It’s a lovely fruity, spicy whisky which I have thoroughly enjoyed. 

Many thanks to Wemyss for the review sample