Whisky Review – 3 Year Old Deluxe (Compass Box) Box) @CompassBox

3 Year Old Deluxe (Compass Box)

49.2% ABV

Non chill filtered

No Added Colouring

3,282 bottles

£183.95 from Master of Malt

Only 0.4% of this whisky is 3 years old. The remainder isn’t. 90.3% is a malt whisky produced near the village of Brora (wonder what that is then – hint *Clynelish*) matured in refill hogsheads. The remaining 9.3% is malt whisky produced on the Isle of Skye (do I need to tell you?) in first fill Sherry butts. I could tell you the ages, but you can also find out yourself easily. 

Compass box are offering a level of transparency that most whisky produces would rather stay silent about, the ages of the whiskies in any of their blends. I know the ages of the individual parts of this whisky, but it would be unfair of me to tell you as it may get Compass Box in deeper water with the powers that be, so please let me encourage you to go speak to them! Email hello@compassboxwhisky.com and just ask them! 


On first pour this is a little closed up. But there is an immediate backing of rich fruits, old age oak and some waxiness to come. Shall give it a little time. 5 minutes later and oh my! Here we are! Lots of waxy orange and lemon. A light whisk of smoke well integrated into the massive fruity citrus notes. There is a fair dollop of vanilla ice cream amongst this mix. A touch of cinnamon and some other exotic spices. It’s quite difficult to describe the depths of this nose, it reeks of quality! Beautifully aromatic. Wonderfully constructed. 


Big, massive in the flavour intensity department. Vanilla clotted cream ice cream with strawberry sauce was my first sip experience. A sticky sweet arrival, with a little tarty lemon coming and going. A waxy rich mouthfeel throughout. The fruits become more jam tart consistency with strawberry and apricot joining the citrus. Everything then becomes covered in thick ice cream and custard, slightly spiced with a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg. This is a deep pan delicious dessert of a whisky.  


The waxy fruit combination and vanilla sticks around for a long finish accompanied with some stronger spiciness of cinnamon, a touch of ginger, and a lot of creamy vanilla. The drying waxy fruits stick around to the very end. 

Adding water. 

The tiniest of drop. I don’t want to risk ruining this. Whoops. No. doesn’t respond well to water. It’s all a little broken and too floral. It could be that the smallest drop in a small leftover is too much, but for me all intensity of the nose is lost. The palate has gone a similar way with the fruity cream combinations a little more lighter in too many ways, and the addition of some extra spiciness which is out of character from the undiluted version. I much prefer the undiluted, and would caution anyone to be very very careful adding water. 


Bloody glorious whisky undiluted, don’t go anywhere near water, it doesn’t need it. It’s at it’s peak of beauty without it. A special, rich, delicious whisky perfect as a dessert. It is most definitely deluxe and should be treated as such, could so easily be quaffed, but time is deserved to be spent here and a dram can last and reward you with a great evening. 

Many thanks to Compass Box for the review sample