The Single Cask Whisky Advent Calendar. 

This is the first window in my super cool single cask whisky advent calendar, featuring 24 different single cask whiskies from around the world. A These are a spectacular gift for the one you love. I swear you will get all the favours you want through December and an awesome Christmas present(s) if you give one of those to your loved one. And not just whisky of course, there is quite literally everything from Whisky (in regional variations and also including an extremely premium Rare and Old whisky Calendar), gin, rum, cognac, tequila, bourbon, absinth (!) and even chilli vodka (you may not get so many favours with that one, it’s an acquired taste).  

I can’t recommend these calendars enough for the whisky/spirits fans out there who like a wee dram to keep the cold out. These give a great opportunity to try something different, random, and have a bloody great December throughout the stressful time of present buying and festivity preparations. Get your partner one of these and I guarantee they will be doing much of the hard work through December! 🙂

Check them out here. 

And now….Behind the number 1 window. Dec 1st (opened a little bit early!)
Dun Bheagan (Ian Macleod)

Dalmore 20 year old 

1995 (Cask 91121) – 669 bottles. 

46% ABV


Nutty, with milk chocolate and some dunnage warehouse essence. A nice spicy set of backnotes, with ginger, cinnamon and Christmas cake spices. A little time in the glass and more dry Olorosso Sherry notes come forward, with a little Christmas cake, orange oils and peel notes shining through. 


Rich orange oils and honey on the arrival followed quickly by sherried raisins and fruit cake. Some warm cinnamon and clove spices backing things up. Immensely chewy and mouth coating. A dusty, nutty flavour follows through the development and chocolate from the nose accompanies it. It’s drying through the development and all the more lip smacking and compelling for it. 


The medium length finish continues on the late development theme of dry nuts, honey and chocolate, with a touch of orangey essence creeping back in. 

Adding Water?

Small drop added as it’s an older dram. The nose is fresher and livelier now, more fruit up front including some added orchard fruits (fresh crispy apple), the nuttiness is toned back and the chocolate notes a little richer and more creamy. The palate also reflects these changes, there is some lovely creamy fudge notes coming through the experience now, hand in hand with slightly levelled out Sherry notes. Definitely more reminiscent of fruit and nut chocolate bar now. The finish has more juicy and rich fruit, with some cherries juicing up the finish quite beautifully. 


Wow, that’s a tasty dram. Of course not available now to buy, which will be the theme of a lot of these single cask whisky advent calendar drams, but that makes it even more special in my book. These are whiskies that will be hard if not impossible to try again, and therefore in a lot of cases a proper once in a lifetime experience. 

Thanks to Drinks by the Dram for the awesome advent calendar. I am going to be in heaven enjoying the next 23 new Advent-Adventures. 

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