Whisky Review – The Macallan 12 year old Double Cask @The_Macallan @TheGreenWelly

The Macallan 12 year old Double Cask 

40% ABV

£46.50 (on offer) from Whisky Galore at the Green Welly Stop

A return to age statements! Yay! I hope. 


Full bodied and rich nose, lots of fruitcake and rum soaked raisins. Characterful and very Macallan. Reminds me of the old 10/12 year old style. Lots of plums and a few stewed apples slipping in there as well. It’s fruity, but I do sense a little bit of youth in the background. Cinnamon icing, toasted hazelnut and toffee back things up. Hints of chocolate shavings also. It’s certainly a massive improvement over the gold and amber releases. 


A rich, slightly restrained arrival of fruitcake, orange zest, quickly becoming spicy and flavourful in the development. Lots of raisin, plum, fruitcake, orange juice, roast nuts, thick treacle toffee. A nice bite of Spice, ginger and cinnamon. Nicely balanced and really chewy with a massive yummy factor in the mouth. There’s a gentle oiliness on the mouthfeel and I would love to try this NCF at 46% or cask strength as it would be an absolute monster. 


A little on the short side, fruitcake, nuts and orange zest stick behind for a short while, but encourages the go back for another sip desire. 

Adding water. 

I really don’t want to add water to this, so I drank the majority of my dram before adding the tiniest drop. The nose has become nuttier and lost some of the fruity richness of the undiluted. The palate hasn’t really changed for the greater or lesser, the finish seems a little fruitier and longer though. Hmmm, curious changes, worth further experimentation I would say. Unfortunately ran out of liquid to do it on this occasion though. 


The Macallan is a guilty pleasure of mine. The 10 year old Sherry cask was one of my first whisky discoveries (before the days of note taking) and it was one of my favourites. The old 12 year old is also awesome and I have a bottle or 2 stowed away for rainy winters. When the Macallan went to colour statements rather than aged ones it was a great disappointment to me. Gold and Amber are lacklustre to me (sorry) with the more impressive Sienna and gorgeous Ruby being a challenge on the purse strings. This new 12 year old release I’m happy to say is great though. It’s getting back to the belt and braces Macallan style and I love it, it’s easy going session whisky of some quality. This is Christmas Day whisky, unashamed, opened as soon as the turkey is ready to hit the oven and savoured over the day. (Drink responsibly folks!). Already on my Christmas list. 

Many thanks to the Macallan for the review sample.