Whisky Review – Benriach 22 year old Moscatel finish. @TheBenriach

Benriach 22 year old Moscatel

46% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£147.95 from Master of Malt 


First sniff. Wow. That’s different. Initial thoughts are wine like. Grapes, dark with some intriguing spiciness. Sweet spices and a touch of herbal. More hints at traditional sherry notes but drier and spicier. Cherries. Cocktail cherries in syrup. Reminding me more and more of an old fashioned cocktail. Bourbon sweetness. Vanilla rich with clove. Brown sugar toasted top on a creme brûlée. Jammy red fruits. Jelly babies. Some dusting sugar. Underdone donuts from a market stall. Setting it down and going back gives more of those jelly sweets. More like the Christmas style of soft jelly sweets with sugar on. A hint of Turkish delight. A delicious confectionary nose, mouth watering and evolving. 


Mmmmmm. It’s taken 3 sips to write that. Very fruity. Vibrant. Lots of jammy sweet raspberry. Fruit Liquor. Loads of maraschino cherries. Some gentle cinnamon. Those jelly sweets from the nose are well and truly rich in the palate. It’s a massive fruit bomb. Orange marmalade makes an appearance, heavy on the juices. Beautifully thick mouthfeel makes the experience even more luxurious. 


A medium to long length finish. Loads of fruit continues through. Some sweet cinnamon spice, fruitcake comes back and a lip smacking cherry dryness. 

Adding water. 

Small drop added. This is too nice neat. The nose is slightly weakened in its fruitiness with more vanilla evident. An extra Victoria sponge like aroma to it. The palate is lighter on the mouthfeel. Still intensely fruity, jammy and chewier. The finish is still fruity but a little shorter. Tough one as to wether this should be watered or not. I prefer undiluted although the palate is slightly easier with a drop of water. 


Bloody lovely. A massive fruit bomb. Incredibly tasty and totally delicious. I absolutely love this style of whisky and it reminds me of the Single Cask Benriach (also a Moscatel finish) I had at Dramboree in 2015. Amazing stuff. I wish I had a bigger whisky budget because I would be getting one of these instantly. 

Many thanks to Benriach for the review sample