Whisky Review – Wemyss “Spiced Rum Baba” – Glenrothes 1988 @wemyssmalts

Wemyss “Spiced Rum Baba” – Glenrothes 1988

46% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

388 bottles

£132.85 available from Master of Malt


Intensely stewed fruit, strawberry, cherry, apple, plum, all reduced down, soaked in rum and immensely satisfying. There’s a dusty nature to the nose, it clings to the inside of the nose. There are some pepper, clove and cinnamon spices, all light and complimentary. This nose is beautiful and difficult to break down. Very complex, warming to the senses, and compulsive to sniff. With time chocolate becomes present, Cocoa dust.  


Dry treacle sponge on the arrival becoming very thick very fast, with lots of intense dark fruits, cinnamon and clove, chocolate, fruitcake with a lot of cherries, orange juice, some light oaky notes, but it’s all about the cake fruit and intensity. Bloody delicious. The mouthfeel also enhances this overall experience as it sticks to the senses well. 


Milk chocolate, cherry juice, orange flesh and cinnamon stick around for a medium length finish.

Adding water. 

As it’s an older whisky, I’m only adding a very small few drops of water. The nose is deeper now, easier to get the nose right in there, more integration and more chocolate with the rich fruity goodness from the undiluted. The palate is awesome! It’s just everything of the undiluted with added depth and better integration. The finish is less on the cinnamon and more on the chocolate covered fruit cake. Goes from strength to strength with just a small drop of water added. 


This is a beautiful flavoursome whisky, sherry monster does best describe it. Loads of lovely fruits, and a perfect whisky for the autumn months or a special treat for friends and family on Xmas day. Delicious. 

Many thanks to Wemyss for the review sample

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