Whisky Review – Benriach 21 year old Tawny Port Finish. @TheBenriach

Benriach 21 year old Tawny Port Finish

46% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£108.17 from Master of Malt 


A fruity nose from the off, with dark berry jam, some green brambles, a dunnage effect, but more in line with the port cellars of Porto. The port finish has been quite active. There is a backing of vanilla ice cream (with the berry compote) and a touch of pencil shaving oakiness. A little time in the glass and warming up and we get a deeper richness of vanilla, absolutely bucket loads of berries, cranberry, strawberry, blackberry, all mushed up for pie filling. It’s immensely fruity, the oak notes have faded now. Luscious. 


Sweet fruity delivery, a little ginger and pepper spice and alcohol prickliness quickly fades, waves of fruit now. A lovely thick buttery texture. Vanilla cream. Bitter-ish oranges, cranberry, raspberry. All juicy and fresh. Quite tangy as well, lip smacking. Too easily sip-able in some ways, but then that’s what I want right now and it’s hitting the spot beautifully.


The tangy fruits and vanilla butteriness goes into a medium to long length finish, drying out and becoming a little oaky with some lime peel zest. 

Adding water. 

Enjoyed a fair bit of my dram neat, but will try a small drop in the remainder. The fruitiness on the nose is toned down slightly, with a re-entry of a little vanilla led oak Spice. The palate reflects this loss of fruitiness becoming more vanilla driven, much more of a bourbon oak matured whisky now, it’s almost like the port finishing didn’t happen. The finish is vanilla and oak. Nope. No to water. It’s brilliant without it. 


A lovely tasty Benriach, which has benefitted from its Tawny Port finishing period. A lovely bursting fruit whisky which could be easily sipped over an seasonal evening’s event. It doesn’t handle water so well, so I would avoid any with this dram. It really doesn’t need it. 

Many thanks to Benriach for the review sample

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