Whisky Review – The Macallan Edition No 2 @The_Macallan 

The Macallan Edition No 2 

48.2% ABV

£76.83 from Master of Malt

Back to a bit of non-aged statement action from The Macallan, but as daunting as it sounds, this has a nicely pepped up alcohol level to 48.2%. This release is a collaboration between master whisky maker Bob Dalgarno and the three brothers behind El Celler de Can Roca (named best restaurant in the world twice by Restuarant magazine). Drawn from a combination of European and American oak. I’m very much looking forward to this. 


Big on the Macallan signature fruitcake richness. First sniff has me taken aback, the strength took me unawares, but then so did the intensity of the aromas. Among the massive juicy sultana rich fruitcake mix is some ginger, orange juice and peel, cinnamon and a hint of white pepper. It’s a rich, dried fruit and Spice intensity, already warming and inviting. 


The palate is just as big. Intense, superb balance of fruit and spice. The arrival is very juicy and rich, with the oranges upfront quickly evolving into raisins, sultanas and plums. Spice add a nice bite in the development, with the cinnamon, crystallised ginger and now a touch of clove coming into the mix, with the fruits becoming more refined with orange oils, honey and maybe a hint of spearmint. The mouthfeel is pleasantly oily and fulfilling. Chocolate comes into the mix late in the development, milk chocolate mixing deliciously with the oranges. 


Chocolate orange hangs around for a medium to long length finish, with a touch of honey sweetness and bite of ginger at the very finale. 

Adding water. 

I really don’t want to add water, but a small drop has been added anyway. The nose seems a little less intense and more spice driven. The palate has also had the intensity toned down, but it’s less spicy, seems more oily on the palate and the chocolate notes come in much sooner and mix in damn beautifully with the amazing fruits. The finish reflects the diluted palate and gentle fades the fruit chocolate mix away. I really like the undiluted experience as a whole, but the diluted palate and finish is something extra!


Delicious. This has a lot to offer over the 12 year old double cask, extra levels of complexity and intensity of flavour. I really love this one, it’s absolutely beautiful! Price wise I was dubious, but when you compare it to the Sienna (my favourite of the colours) and think of the extra ABV, this one wins for me. Bottle bought!

Many thanks to the Macallan for the review sample. 

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