Whisky Review – Glendronach Grandeur 25 Year Old batch 008. @Glendronach

Glendronach Grandeur 25 Year Old batch 008

50.3% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£375.00 from Whisky Galore at The Green Welly Stop


Intense, old polished oak, plum jam, alcohol drenched Christmas cake. Dark chocolate nibs. A touch of dunnage warehouse. That’s from the first pour. Letting this sit with a cover for a bit. After a little time we have an immense amount of stewed dark fruits, blackberry, plum, dates. All thick and delicious. Spiced up with warming cinnamon and crystallised ginger. Coffee grounds and chocolate are present, with a little floral as backup. It’s immensely complex, warming and promising lots of what’s to come. It’s reminiscent of some very old whisky I tried recently. Tasted blind I would even place this older than 25 years on the nose. 


Gently massive! Arrival is quiet, sweet, old oak, chocolate, coffee and gentle spices initially, then builds up to a crescendo of dark fruit and spices. A chutney of berries and Christmas Spice. All the while being delicate to the palate. The thick oiliness covers everywhere and gives a deep warmth to the experience. Development goes into many territories, the fruit is thick, some dark bitter chocolate, almost an overlooked fruit cake crust, but with plump and luscious red berries bursting in the mouth at the same time. The alcohol strength doesn’t make itself noticed at all. And with prolonged time in the glass and slow sipping the flavours only become richer and deeper with every drop. 


Dusting chocolate, cocoa, mocha in fact, with some Black Forest gateau filling, dark cherries, juicy and ancient at the same time. The finish goes on for ages. Always giving the older dusty warehouse age and the juicy freshness of fruits stewed and bubbling in a pot. The greatest of warming chest hugs from this whisky. It’s absolutely delicious. 

Adding water. 

No. Not doing it. Sorry. It’s perfect as it is. 


I may be biased. Glendronach is one of my favourite distilleries, and top of my quality sherried maturation whisky distilleries list. This whisky does them proud. This is one of those whiskies which I wish was available 10 years ago and me being into whisky 10 years ago (which I wasn’t). Why? Because I may have been able to afford it then. If I could afford this I would have it in a heartbeat. It’s the quintessential old age sherried beauty and I adore it completely. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to try this. If you love Glendronach, have some money to one side, treat yourself. If you get offered a dram of this, snap the persons arm off. Otherwise seek this at a whisky show, it’s worth your dram token(s). 

Many thanks to Glendronach for the review sample