Whisky Review – Glendronach Cask Strength Batch 6 @Glendronach

Glendronach Cask Strength Batch 6

56.1% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£52.99 from Whisky Galore at The Green Welly Stop

Glendronach cask strength has been a favourite of mine for many years now. It’s racy sherry heathen nature is of an exceptional calibre and once again I sip on it! What a pleasure. Let’s see if batch 6 holds up to its reputation and continues to tickle my sherry buds. 


First pour and sniff there is a lot of dark treacle toffee, coffee and chocolate. After 10 mins in the glass, things have levelled out. Still an immense amount of chocolate, toffee, brown sugar. Now more dark fruits, blackberry, raisin (alcohol infused), Cherry, vanilla. Most definitely a massive fruitcake concoction, nuttiness is coming through now, and of course lots of sherry, dry oloroso. It’s everything you want in a sherried dram. 


A little on the hot side initially, getting past that heat and initial bitterness and the mouthfeel is magnificent, extremely thick and massively oily. Wonderful! Lots of fruit now, some sour cherry, orange, rum soaked plums, a big old pinch of cinnamon spice. Another sip, light coffee and big dark chocolate, cherries again, lots of oils around the mouth, extremely chewable, I could slosh this around all day. Not so much toffee, but more treacle. Very syrupy, goes with the mouthfeel. 


Cherry juice, cherry stones and black tea. Mixed nuts with their skins on (hazelnut and almonds come to mind). Burnt toffee and caramel. Medium length finish, warming

Adding water. 

Adding a good splash of water and waiting 10 mins. That’s more like it. A little dilution goes a long way. The nose is bursting with flavour now, and a little dusty texture on the nose. Chocolate powder leads the way, lots of toffee, fruitcake, nuts, honey, the works! The palate without the alcohol nip now leads the way sweetly, thick chocolate coated caramel sweetness, texture is still massive, fruit still has some tarty cherries amongst the orange juices and raisins, cinnamon has toned down a little but still there with some sweet ginger addition. The finish is deliciously warming, lots of fruit and sugars. Glorious. 


Glendronach deliver another excellent cask strength release. If you’ve never tried one of these. Why the bloody hell not? It’s a premium example of great sherry monster material. This is a delicious, fattening feeling desert in a glass. Brilliant diet assistance! 

Many thanks to Glendronach for the review sample

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