Whisky Review – Boutique-y Whisky Blended Whisky Batch 2 – 18 years old @BoutiqueyWhisky @majesticwine

Boutique-y Whisky Blended Whisky Batch 2 – 18 years old

46.5% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

Majestic Wines exclusive 

£55.55 from Majestic Wines. 

Quite sweet initially, lots of coconut, sweet popcorn, and confectionary sugar. After a little time in the glass extra layers become apparent. A little sweet smoke, some salty sea air and some pinewood notes, while soft old apples and melon give a lovely subtle fruitiness among the sweetness. 


An intensely sweet arrival, apples, apricot, sugar coated start things off. A layer of coconut cream comes to play and some vanilla sponge with it, more fruit, getting softer melon now and some coconut marshmallow cakes. Some white chocolate, gentle pepper and some herbal green notes, pine comes back to mind, some fennel as well. The mouth feel has some oiliness. No alcohol burn, everything is very smoothly going down. 


The fennel follows into the finish, with some sweet oak sap, light tinned fruit syrup, touches of lip smacking dryness, but remains sweet and savoury. 

Adding water. 

A few drops added. The nose is softer, sweeter and smokier now, the drop of water has integrated the parts and it’s coming across quite a bit more powerful, slightly less sugary sweetness. The palate, while loosing a little of the oily mouthfeel, is bigger, brasher, tastier, lots of toffee and chocolate, the fruit has become younger and juicier, there is a smokier element, soft mossy peat, a little less of the herbal notes, the fennel is more like sweet liquorice. The finish is sweeter, less tannic, just as lip smacking! It was already highly sip-able, but a drop of water has increased the sip-ability dramatically. A few drops of water highly recommended. 


A blend of complexity which needs some time in the glass and time with the sipper to unlock the potential. This is no simple glugging blend. There is a lovely layering of complexity here which is delightful to spend time unravelling. With a drop of water this becomes a whole other beast and is absolutely lovely to sip away with. Great stuff. 

From my own stock. Bought from Majestic Wines.