Whisky Review – Boutique-y Whisky Springbank batch 3 – 21 years old @BoutiqueyWhisky

Boutique-y Whisky Springbank batch 3 – 21 years old    

48.2% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

415 bottles

£182.95 from Master of Malt – sold out. 

But you can try a dram from Master of Malt for £20.02. 


Rich aromatic toffee. Orange oil. Engine oil (the special Springbank thing). Buttered toast with a generous dollop of marmalade. Some burnt peppercorns. Wood smoke, from thick logs slowly burning. BBQ smoking activity, I can sense the burnt ends coming. 


Wow, the mouthfeel is epic. So much orange juicy fruit, but thick and jammy again. Like concentrated Jaffa cake orangey bits. Burnt treacle, clove, cherry rich fruitcake, more stewed dark berries. 


The fruit goes on and on. Some cinnamon and a gentle juicy fruit chewing gum sweetness lingers for a long time. Mango sorbet finishes things off. 

Adding water. 

Smallest drop added. The nose has got dirtier. Much more springbank like in its filth (I say this with the greatest love!) level. A little more smoke and more noticeable sherry influence. Some strawberry fresh cream cake now. And strawberry starburst. The palate is fruity as anything. Absolutely bursting with berries, thick and jammy. Oh my that is something quite delicious. The finish remains beautifully fruity, warming and delicious. And I got so carried away with the dram I forgot to write too much. 


A completely delicious way to spend some quality time. This is a stunning sherried (assuming, but also reminds me of so many port cask experiences I’ve had) springbank. It’s totally delicious and totally sold out and I know why. There are still drams out there to be tried and tasted and this is well worth the search. Lovely stuff. 

From my own collection, split with friends.