Whisky Review – Boutique-y Whisky Blended Whisky Batch 3 – 23 years old @BoutiqueyWhisky

Boutique-y Whisky Blended Whisky Batch 3 – 23 years old

48.2% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£79.95 from Master of Malt. 


On first pour we have an abundance of toffee and caramel, with a backing of freshly made popcorn. After some time in the glass things get a little spicer, and we have some sweet ginger, baked apple, cinnamon and brown sugar. There are hints of coffee walnut cake and some milk chocolate. 


A sweet, voluptuous arrival, lots of chocolate, thick treacle toffee, chocolate going into coffee mocha territory. The mouthfeel is thick and gloopy, really nice. There’s some light fruitcake, but this is all about the thickness of the mouth and the toffee and chocolate combination. It’s really delicious. Spice wise, there’s a little ginger and sweet Chinese spices, alongside some sweet coconut shreds. At natural strength this is easy to drink, and compulsory to sip. 


Warming ginger with touches of sweet pepper, but that chocolate caramel toffee thick flavour sticks around for a nice duration.

Adding water. 

Small drop in half a dram. Everything has become creamier. The nose has more of a milky coffee/chocolate thing going on, less Spice, more buttery softness. The palate reflects this entirely, the mouthfeel is slightly less viscous, but now has a lovely smooth texture and creaminess to the flavours, which are also toned down a little. The finish is gentler, more refined. With and without water this dram has talent. 


Bloody beautiful blend! Really excellent in many ways, it’s not the cheapest obviously, some may say very expensive, but it does have a lot going for it, it’s not one to stick with your tonic/Coke/soda, this is a great sipping whisky, with bags of flavour, and I’m thoroughly loving it. 

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