Whisky Review – Laphroaig 18 Year Old 1998 – Old Particular Consortium of Cards (Douglas Laing) @DLaingWhisky

Laphroaig 18 Year Old 1998 – Old Particular Consortium of Cards (Douglas Laing)

50% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£137.95 from Master of Malt 


At first sniff we have something smokey, sooty, predominantly bonfire smoke with some hospital antiseptic in the background. There’s a creamy barley note running through. Some citrus fruit and gentle spices. After a few minutes it’s got a lot busier. Loads of fruit now, apples, lemons, blackberry and a touch of raspberry, all fresh and vibrant. The smoke is well integrated, still mainly of the bonfire type as opposed to medicinal peat smoke, although some sweet peat is coming through now. The antiseptic is there, not intense TCP, but old hospital corridors. Every time I go back this changes slightly, now I’m even getting a touch of Parma violets. The berry fruits are lush! 


First sip engulfs the senses, loads going on. Fruity smokey medicinal earthy cereal. Loads! Lots of apples, some lemon rind and juice, a little blackcurrant, a creamy barley cereal runs throughout, the smoke envelopes all of this, almost like puffing on a cigarette without the abrasive smoke. In the development there is a touch of bitter lemon amongst an ashy moment. The mouthfeel is beautifully fulfilling and you would never know this is 50%. There is a lovely rich, runny honey fruit salad thing going on later on, those berries are back, with some added peach, in a smoothie with honey. Lovely. 


The fruity ripe concoction has a medium to long length finish, full of fruit, smoke is almost forgotten except for the odd smoky burp. Chest hugging warmth, this is really something else. 

Adding water. 

I’m not watering this, I don’t have a lot, and it is perfect the way it is. 


Beautifully refined, absolutely delicious. It’s not cheap, but oh my god, I understand why this has sold so well, this is next level stuff. Amazing. If you can get this and it’s in your price bracket do not hesitate, but please open it up, and if you can spare a drop you know where I am. 😋

Many thanks to Douglas Laing for the review sample

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