Whisky Review – The Arran – Amarone Wine Finish @arranwhisky

The Arran – Amarone Wine Finish

50% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£50.15 from Master of Malt


I don’t usually concentrate on colour, but on this occasion! Pinksky!


Lots of complex red fruits and some dunnage on the first sniff. Subsequent sniffs give chocolate, milky and mouthwatering. Dried raspberry and some malty cereal reminding me of Special K with red berries (It’s a breakfast cereal in the uk!). A little time in the glass and more varied fruits come forward, a little orange rind, more sumptuous red berries, a gentle background pepper, lots of chocolate powder, and some rum soaked sponge cake. Now I’m thinking about trifle!


Sweet and thick arrival, very fruity, tonnes of buckets of fruit, lots of red berries, grapes all ripe and fit for the picking. Strawberry & raspberry pie filling, with a touch of sweetened rhubarb. There’s a little prickle of ginger, and a touch of cinnamon. The mouthfeel is suitably thick and viscous. There’s a backing of good old bourbon maturation with some soft vanilla and custard. Damn this is moreish, highly sip-able. 


Medium length, the fruit and dusty cask continues through, with a little white chocolate coming into play at the last minute. Lovely. 

Adding water. 

Small drop added. The nose is a little lighter, more dusting chocolate, more vanilla, a touch of floral. Some of the red fruits have subsided. The palate still has mountains of fruit, now more integrated with the vanilla infused custard, and now with a touch of nuttiness. Slightly lighter on the mouthfeel. The finish is slightly spicier, more vanilla, but less creamy and slightly shorter. I much prefer this dram undiluted. 


This is an absolutely delicious fruity bomb of a whisky. It’s definitely got a lot of influence from the wine cask, and I personally love that style, so this works very well for me, and I can happily sip this for the duration and then some. Bottle on the shopping list for me!

Thanks to Arran for the official review sample. 

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