Whisky Review – Yellow Spot 12 year old  

Yellow Spot 12 Year Old

46% ABV

Non chill filtered

£64.22 from Master of Malt


An abundance of fruit. Very juicy, apricot and peach, with a touch of orange flesh. Lots of creamy vanilla custard backing this up, very substantial with a cinnamon spice twang. Delicious desert stuff, tinned fruits and custard all around. 


Leads with spicy vanilla custard, a touch of ginger then comes and then waves of fruit and creamy vanilla. The fruits are all lovely, juicy and ripe, lots of apricot, a touch of honeydew melon. Creamy through and through with a very velvety mouthfeel. There is practically no burn of alcohol, extremely smooth, totally exquisite. 


A medium length exit of mainly vanilla custard covered fruit with a touch of warming spices. Lovely. 

Adding water. 

I’m not doing it. This is perfectly hitting the spot as it is and I’m not willing to risk a splash. 


I’m having this late after a very warm day, and it’s going down really well. Good summer whisky, totally fruity and absolutely beautiful as the heat of the day fades. 

From my own collection

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