Whisky Review – Vanilla Burst Blended Malt @WemyssMalts

Vanilla Burst Blended Malt

46% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£43.79 from Master of Malt


As the name suggests, first sniff brings forward a burst of vanilla, soft and creamy, ice cream like. There is also a gentle citrus, lemon sherbert. Some light pepper and warmer ginger Spice backs things up. It’s all about the vanilla though, very prominent and easily sniffable. After a little time a spicier edge comes forward, a little more ginger, a little less vanilla. More time and some fresh cut green apple comes through. 


Werther’s original sweeties! Butterscotch. The mouthfeel is incredibly thick, very oily. There is a touch of banana, some stewed apple. But this is intense on the butterscotch and vanilla ice cream. Further into the development spices come through, a little ginger warmth, which is balanced nicely against the sweetness. Extremely sip-able. 


Vanilla ice cream with ginger chunks. The creaminess continues all through the medium length finish, the spices become gentle and the vanilla sticks around. 

Adding water. 

Small drop added as it’s really good as is. Water has tamed the vanilla (a little too much in my opinion), and brought forward a more floral element, with touches of wood shavings. The palate is still creamy, a little muted, but there is some added fruit now, some sweet gooseberry and a touch of melon. The finish is drier and a little on the woody side, but still with pleasant vanilla. Hmmm, I tough one on the water or not question, it’s worth it to experience the new palate, but by and large I would drink this dram in the future without water. 


This isn’t an overtly complex dram by any stretch. But what it does it does marvellously, this is very VERY drinkable, a great example of mouthfeel as well, I wasn’t expecting the viscosity I got. This is beautiful whisky, extremely drinkable session stuff. Most impressive. This is all year round whisky. 

Thanks to Wemyss for official review sample.