Whisky Review – Treacle Chest Blended Malt @WemyssMalts

Treacle Chest Blended Malt

46% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£46.95 from Master of Malt


First sniff is quite nutty, intense Spice, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon. A few sniffs later and things get sweeter, with cinnamon sugar glaze and toasted brown sugar on a Creme brûlée. With more time the nose develops further into sweet territory, the treacle comes through as does a sticky caramel. A little more time and we are in more sherry matured territory, soft Christmas spices, clove, cinnamon. Some stoned fruit and almond. A complex and developmental nose. 


Juicy. Lots of fruit, raisin, cherry, stewed apple and spicy too, a great home made chutney mix of flavours. There’s a nutty backdrop as well, almond, moving onto marzipan, and Brazil nut. There’s a gentle edge of chocolate and warm caramel sauce. There’s bucket loads going on here, a great dessert dram. 


Spices pop up, ginger and cinnamon, but the fruity burst of cherries and marzipan win through. A medium-long length finish, ending with a nutty dry chocolate. 

Adding water. 

A few drops added. The water has toned things down, but not really added or taken away much, maybe a little vanilla is added. The palate is slightly gentler on the spices, still retaining a lot of the fruit and nut complexity, there’s some more chocolate now. The finish is slightly drier, but still got tonnes of fruit. The nuttiness is toned down overall. There are pros and cons to watering this dram, personally its worth trying and seeing what suits your palate best, for me, I borderline prefer undiluted, but I can imagine if my palate has been compromised with spicy food or anything like that I would prefer the diluted version on that night. 


Extremely complex, and some clearly good sherry casks used in this maturation. It’s a beauty of a sherried blend. Very tasty. This is an awesome Christmas season whisky. Nicely priced for the quality of the whisky. I’m getting one for the holiday season. 

Thanks to Wemyss for official review sample. 

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