Whisky Review – Rock Oyster 18 year old @DLaingWhisky

Rock Oyster 18 year old @DLaingWhisky

46.8% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£89.12 from Master of Malt


First sniff brings a salty seashore air, very fresh, in a fishing town (fishing nets!). Some light vanilla and lawn grass with subsequent sniffs. 20 mins in the glass and added toffee sweetness comes forward. Still quite maritime, but with a richer sweet edge. 


Sweet, creamy vanilla on the offset. Salted caramel and chocolate (mmmmm). There’s some peat sweetness, a touch of pepper. All nicely balanced together. Subsequent sips and more of a smoky fudge note. The mouthfeel isn’t particularly thick, but has a viscosity to it.  


Intense vanilla and gentle peat smoke carries into the long length finish, ending on the drier, earthier side of things. 

Adding water. 

Tiniest drop, it doesn’t need water. The nose has become lighter, back to being predominantly maritime, with a hint of floral peat. The palate has lost the richness in favour of a sweeter, more saccharine edge. The finish continues the sugary notes, with a lighter smoke in the end. Water doesn’t enhance this dram. Don’t do it. 


Delicious flavourful whisky. I’m a big fan of the original Rock Oyster, this aged version does not disappoint. It is a more of a luxury version, requiring some dedication in time and place for drinking. It’s lighter and subtler nature in flavours means it’s best as an aperitif, with an unspoiled palate. It beautiful stuff. 

Thanks to Douglas Laing for the official review sample.