Whisky Review – Black Friday Whisky @WhiskyExchange exclusive.

Black Friday Whisky – 16 years old. Speyside Single Malt Whisky

54.6% ABV

Non chill filtered (assumption)

No added colouring (assumption)

£59.95 from The Whisky Exchange

Very little is known about this Black Friday dram from the Whisky Exchange at the time of writing, so I’m just going to get on with it.

Edit – Now we know it’s a 16 year old single sherry Butt from a ‘family owned’ distillery in Speyside.


First sniff is almost not whisky like, given blind I would have said brandy or Armagnac. Thick with toffee and spice rich. Rich mahogany. Polish. Rum and raisin. Pungent, but not in the alcohol, i would say its older if it didn’t have the age on the bottle. It’s getting more bourbon like with some time (probably a sherry cask then – lol). Thick spiced vanilla, gingerbread, some candied orange. Hints of menthol and lime. More time and funky oak, lots of treacle, honey, caramel and all things sweet, still smells more like a classy brandy then whisky, but I’m bloody loving it. Starting to think more sherry cask now, as there is some nuttiness coming through the sweetness, and the sweetness is going full fledged highland toffee style. Yummy.


Sweet intensity with a touch of bitter chocolate on arrival, turning rich with toffee. The same odd (but delicious) funky Armagnac oak thing comes through, but quickly turns nutty. There’s less spice on the palate to nose. But a touch of cinnamon and ginger. Mouthfeel is of a medium viscosity, not immensely thick, but pleasantly coating. A quality dark chocolate comes further into the development and the spices up a notch with a warming ginger blast. There’s some honeycomb and an all round pleasant feel good factor. Very compulsory sipper.


Medium in length. Drying spices and nuttiness, a touch of chocolate and coffee grounds.

Adding water.

A few drops added. A more aromatic toffee comes forward on the nose now, and almost some smoke (char from the cask more than likely), a touch of herbal also added. The palate is calmed of the bitter chocolate, and there is a richer, sweeter and more intense toffee. A little chocolate is still there, but milkier. It’s thoroughly chewable, bags of thick sweetness and a little additional honey. The finish reflects this sweetness, but turns a drier treacle and the herbal from the diluted nose comes back, a little liquorice root and chewed pencil.


I just want to know the distillery and how much! It’s a very singular whisky, I’ve not come across this combination of Armagnac, bourbon and sherry confusion in a while. Deftly complex and compelling stuff. Is it an Aberlour, is it a Glenrothes?! Well, we’ll all know by now, but I’m not going to change this text and be happy to look an idiot for being miles away from the mark. Regardless, it’s a delicious whisky, and one I would like to try again. Hoping it’s in my price window and I’ve done the necessary in buying a bottle! Well done TWE! 👍🏻

Thanks to The Whisky Exchange for the official review sample.

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