Whisky Review – anCnoc Rùdhan @anCnoc_whisky

anCnoc Rùdhan

46% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

~£60 from Duty Free (Travel Retail outlets)


A gentle ginger coating on a smoke stack is the first sniff encounter from the pour. My mind immediately tries to compare things with anCnoc’s Peatheart which I tried last week and Rùdhan is definitely lighter in its peat content, much calmer on the smokiness. A few minutes later and a very fresh lemon juice is present. This is turning into a lockets (honey and lemon throat lozenge) dram. There is loads of honey, lemon, touch of ginger some spring floral, and a background of gentle smoke, now feeling almost joss-stick like in its presence. It’s a lovely, bright, fresh aroma, well balanced and compulsory to sniff.


A zesty lemon fresh arrival, with some hot ginger spice and a touch of eucalyptus. It’s delivering on the lockets nose! The mouthfeel is very oily and fulfilling. The development becomes spicier with a touch of pepper, the smoke starts to come through softly, sweet and earthy, with some seasaltiness. Further on things get a little herbal, with some liquorice root and some more raw ginger.


Warming, spicy, medium length. The liquorice and ginger sticks around with a touch of menthol smoke at the very end.

Adding water.

A few small drops added. The smoke has reduced a little in favour of a more floral intensity on the nose. The palate has a sweeter edge all the way through, sweetened lemons and a more herbal development. The finish is similar in its sweeter liquorice ending. All in all I prefer the undiluted variant for the smokier side.


This is a fine addition to the anCnoc range. A delicious, lightly smoky whisky which would suit the spring and summer season very well as a variant on their excellent 12 year old expression. As anCnoc’s smoky expressions go I personally prefer the Peatheart, which is smokier and a bit more of a beast. But saying that, Rùdhan is a beautiful whisky.

Thanks to anCnoc for the official review sample.