Whisky Review – The Gauldrons @DLaingWhisky

The Gauldrons

46.2% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£49.00 from The Green Welly Stop


Sweet honey, heather, herbal throat sweets and a whiff of fragrant eucalyptus smoke on first sniff from the pour. These themes continue after a while in the glass. There is an intense maritime, fishing village, salty sea air theme running through. Green peppercorns, unripe Apple, gooseberry, malty cereal. It’s a complex, fascinating nose.


A sweet honey start, quickly turning oily and dry, with some peppercorn heat. Barley richness then comes through into the development with a thick mouthfeel, creamed corn, a touch of vanilla, some sweet peat and a slight aniseed background. There’s some proper motor oil filth in here, which is a very good thing. This is characterful Campbeltown fare.


Herbal spices, some dry toffee, a little dried spiced orange and a smokey exhale leaves this medium length finish. Good stuff.

Adding water.

A small drop added. The nose has a little more smoke and creamy barley. The palate has a touch of chocolate and a smoother all round creaminess, the dry phase is gone, it’s become even more chewable. The finish is lighter, very creamy and moreish. I can see dilution splitting the field on this one, so I would say it’s worth the experiment.


Extreme Campbeltown. And that’s an extremely good thing. Bottle bought straight away. 👍🏻

Thanks to Douglas Laing for the official review sample.