Whisky Review – Scallywag 13 year old @DLaingWhisky

Scallywag 13 year old

46% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£53.99 from Master of Malt


A nutty rich nose on first sniff from the pour, with some sherry soaked raisin in the background and promises of much fruitcake-yness with a bit of time. After a little time things get richer and sweeter, the sherry more pronounced and a fruit filled honey syrup. Apricot, cherry, plums, all sweet, stewed and poached in honey. The nuttiness takes a back step, but is still present, there are some subtle Christmas spices. A massive fruity rich nose. Very excellent start.


An intense dry fruit and nut arrival, turning rich, with honey thickness on the tongue. There’s all that fruitcake and Xmas spice going on, not quite as intense as some sherry monsters out there, gentler and easier on the palate. Spicy rich honey continues into the development. It’s a truly sip-able dram.


A medium length nutty finish with a honey coating and a drizzle of melted treacle toffee.

Adding water.

A small drop added. The nose has an introduction of chocolate into the fruit and nut mix. The fruit has a little less intensity, but the milky dusty chocolate has added a new dimension. The palate reflects this and has become a little sweeter and more confectionary, all the flavours integrating and balancing out well. The finish is a little fruitier now. Water adds to this experience, it’s well worth adding a couple of drops


This is a delicious winter warmer of a Whisky. A lovely sherried malt blend well worthy of your Christmas stocking. Recommended.

Thanks to Douglas Laing for the official review sample.

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