Whisky Review – Glenmorangie Spios

Glenmorangie Spios

46% ABV

Non chill filtered

£74.81 from Master of Malt


Creamy and buttery with some spiced Highland toffee. Some time in the glass later, and things haven’t really changed a lot, it’s very light, subtle, and has a buttery vanilla overcoat with a slightly herbaceous toffee background. It’s quite summery with some light floral and hay. Some more time gives some fruitiness in the form of ripe apricot and a touch of peach.


The palate is where this comes alive, more vibrant than the nose, it does retain a lot of the flavours gathered on the nose, presented in a very well balanced way. The creaminess, fresh cream and new churned butter is very present all the way through, the arrival has some light toffee, syrup and clove spice, some ginger, which then gives way into the development, where things get a little thicker, a touch of the fruit comes through, zingy juicy peach and some apricot skin. The mouthfeel is beautifully creamy and thick. Some of the warming spice from the rye casks hits the back of the throat with the swallow.


Peach juice and spice for a short while overtaken by that thick and creamy butter notes coming back with some drier liquorice herbal notes left on the tongue.

Adding water.

After a small splash is added we have a less creamy and a more spicy intensity on the nose. The palate reflects this with a spicier intensity throughout the experience, a slight lacking in the fruitiness of the undiluted, with the creaminess still there in droves. The finish is very similar with a slightly more intensive spiciness.


A well balanced, very tasty whisky. It’s most definitely a step up from the core range of the Glenmorangie, and fascinating to discover. A very interesting and successful cask maturation experiment.

Thanks to Glenmorangie for the official review sample.