Whisky Review – Glen Keith 1995 – 22 year old (Claxton’s) / @claxtonsspirits

Glen Keith 1995 – 22 year old (Claxton’s)

49.2% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£103.09 from Master of Malt


A strong apple and pear initial sniff. Followed by some waxy lemons and creamy malt. There’s a touch of oak char and some cinnamon. A little time passed and the nose is sweeter now, more confectionary and very much reminiscent of refresher sweeties. The lemon citrus is brighter, sweet and bordering on lemonade. Old powdered lemon bonbons!


Sweet and sour initially, even quite acidic. This quickly turns thick on the mouthfeel and creamy. Leading with lemon juice, and adding a little custard cream in there for good measure, it’s been a while since I’ve had a lemon puff biscuit, but it reminds me of those! The development goes back into creamy vanilla and sweeter citrus territories.


The finish is bright, zingy lemons, with some sweetened vanilla, and lemon toffee bonbons. Very consistent all the way through nose, taste and finish.

Adding water.

Small drop added. The drop of water has made this dram a little less vibrant, the nose is creamier, the palate has a little less of the acid and more of the creamy vanilla and even more of a cake like note to it. The finish is lighter. The water has made this more accessible, but probably just a little less interesting, I personally prefer this without the water added. It’s awesome undiluted.


For 22 years young this dram still has a good amount of zing to it, very suitable for summer sipping. Very impressive.

Thanks to Claxton’s for the official review sample.


Benromach 20th Anniversary Tweet Tasting (10yo 15yo 20th Anniversary bottling). @Benromach

A few speedy tasting notes from the Tweet Tasting I was lucky enough to attend on Monday 30th of April 2018. Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Benromach.

Benromach 10 Year Old

43% ABV

£34.96 from Master of Malt


Lots of sweet ginger spice, stewed apple, zingy citrus in the background, a touch of gentle smoke. In time thick porridge oats and custard cream coming through now, some countryside elements, hay and earthiness. barley oils coming through now, touch of pine and floral. good evolution going on. This is an honest to goodness whisky man’s whisky!


Thick, oily viscous stuff. barley rich, a touch of peat amongst some brown sugar encrusted baked apple pie. Moreish and devilishly sip-able, the sweet peat alongside jammy fruits and sugar balances excellently, turning drier towards the finish, but more of a dry syrup pleasantness.

Benromach 15yo


£51.83 from Master of Malt


A greater depth to the 10. More countryside berries, jammy, stewed down fruits, floral (elderflower?), ginger, cinnamon, caramel, and lightly toasted sugar topped creme brûlée. You can get your nose RIGHT into this one, practically dipping! Theres a prominent chocolate orange (Jaffa cake) thing now, with a Jamaican ginger cake surrounding it!


Another thick, sweet dram, with some dark chocolate, lots of creamy quality sherry, kirsch cherries, rich honey. Lots of pudding richness with a fraction of the calories! Sticky toffee pudding with a side of mandarin compote covered dark chocolate. Im smitten with this one – lots of MMMMM Mmmmm mmmmmm going on!

Benromach 20th Anniversary

56.2% ABV

£299.95 from Master of Malt


Dark chocolate shavings, yellow fruits, peach, apricot, leather, dusty maturation warehouses, some cherry, tobacco, really starting to talk its complexities now after a period of being quite closed. With a little more time we get more sweet shop notes coming through now, dusting sugar, Victoria sponge (jam and cream), alcohol soaked raisin, loads of chocolate, stewed cherries, gentle floral, stately home drawing room dust, oak and leather.


fruity spicy big hitting complexity. Lots of rich apple, cherry, orange and sultana. A big old blast of fine spices, cinnamon, pepper. Thick spiced toffee, chocolate covered and the air from a musty cask filled warehouse. Special! Very special

Thanks to @thewhiskywire and @Benromach for having me along to the Tweet Taste. It was an absolute privilege to check out these drams, and I can’t wait to get stuck into the 15yo I have sat there begging to be opened.