Whisky Review – Glen Keith 1994 – 23 year old (Claxton’s) @claxtonsspirits

Glen Keith 1994 – 23 year old (Claxton’s)

51% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

Available soon from Master of Malt


First sniff from the pour and we have some chocolate and almond paste. It’s clear that’s it’s a first fill bourbon barrel maturation as it has that intense vanilla spiciness you would expect. After a while in the glass things have settled and now we have a richer honey, toffee and chocolate mix. Sticky toffee pudding. A gentle almond nuttiness rounds it off.


Sweet and sour (similar to the 1995). But a richer, honey sweetness. Any sourness dissipates as quickly as it’s noticed and we have waves of moreish toffee, pepper, cinnamon dusted milk chocolate and caramel. It’s proper yummy.


The sticky sweet toffee sticks around and becomes more of a dry treacle. Initiating a lot of involuntary “Mmmmmmm” noises. It’s really tasty, rich and rewarding.

Adding water.

Small drop added. The nose is now more concentrated on the chocolate, milkier, but full of flavour. The palate is absolutely delicious, all the same as before, but less boisterous and deeper for it, it really invades the nooks and crannies of the mouth with tonnes of sweet honey, caramel,chocolate and all that lovely delicious calorie rich pudding notes. It’s bloody excellent undiluted. With a drop of water, it’s bloody magnificent.


This is what the word sumptuous means to me. Rich, fattening, flavoursome Whisky, with a little bite, but a whole lot of chew. Really excellent tasty stuff.

Thanks to Claxton’s for the official review sample.