Whisky Review – Port Charlotte 10 Year old (2018). @Bruichladdich

Port Charlotte 10 Year old (2018)

50% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£48.95 from The Whisky Exchange


It needs to be said. The bottle is awesome. It’s old fashioned in a way, it’s exceedingly modern in others. One thing for sure, it’s unique, just like the whisky within.


Sweet and smokey. Lots of soft, ripe summer fruits, melon, peach, apricot. A bit deeper in and the smoke becomes more prominent, some TCP, antiseptic, hospital disinfectant, all in a very good way, the fruit giving balance. Everything drenched in a nice runny warm honey. There’s a gentle herbal note in the background, slightly liquorice, slightly earthy and organic. Lovely. Having let this sat while taking a phone call it’s changed, it’s quite an evolving dram, now more vanilla and some stoned fruits, quite custardy.


This is one of those whiskies that delivers what it promises on the nose with added oomph. A luscious, oily mouthfeel delivering waves of thick fruit and smoke, with a herbal edge. Soft, ripe yellow fruits, all sweetened with sugar syrup. A thick treacly smoke, barbecue glaze on juicy braised peach halves. Subsequent sips gets juicier, more fruit and smoke, intertwined effortlessly. It’s really sip-able. Delicious. The 50% ABV is barely noticeable and carries flavour so well. In the mouth the development goes on and on, waves of fruits, the occasional sweet liquorice hint, chewing some raw spice and liquorice root, then back to the juicy fruits, there’s a lot going on.


Smoke returns on the swallow, akin to exhaling cigarette smoke after having a mouthful of tropical fruit juice. There’s a dry bonfire mouthful with some mossy liquorice root lingering around for a medium to long period. Mouth watering, lip smacking, thirsty for more.

Adding water.

A few big drops added. The nose gets slightly drier, with some more bonfire influenced smoke, a little less of the medicinal, slightly more twiggy and herbal, but still with the flavoursome fruits. The palate continues along this theme, there is all around a less intensity as one would expect, and this slightly takes more away than it gives. The finish is slightly drier, more herbal. It’s easier with a splash of water, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s exceptional without dilution.


This works. Simple. It works as a summer or autumn dram, it’s got a great balance of fruit and smoke and is compellingly sip-able. Love it.

I am extremely pleased to see this as being an official aged core range return for Port Charlotte. It’s bloody good stuff. I had already bought a bottle before receiving the super sized sample, and I’ll be getting another one as I’m a bit obsessive about opening things without a backup…I know…weirdo…but seriously, this is delicious stuff, if youre a previous Port Charlotte fan, you should not be disappointed. I’m hoping, as is suggested this will be around for a long time, I can see this being a stable opened bottle and go-to peaty dram for a long time.

Thanks to Bruichladdich for the official review sample.

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